Resources For Early Stroke Care

This blog has been created for medical practitioners to share their knowledge of the treatment of strokes. You must be logged in to view content or post comments.The first time you attempt to view a full post, you will be prompted to create an account.


  1. admin admin
    January 28, 2013    

    This will be a fantastic resource for medical professional throughout the region.

  2. mpower mpower
    April 5, 2013    

    Love this site

  3. Angela Angela
    April 18, 2013    

    Welcome everyone! Please let me know if there is content that needs added, updated, or deleted. I’m counting on everyone to help me keep the site informational, accurate, and fabulous! I hope you enjoy!

  4. debbieneff debbieneff
    August 7, 2013    

    I have found that the knowledge of treatment options for patients in this region is very limited. There are many resources and rehabilitation options that would greatly impact patient’s outcomes and quality of life out there that are underutilized, simply because twe don’t know they exist. We try hard at St. Claire’s Rehab Unit in Morehead, KY to plug patients into what is available in their area, but there still is a lack of communication amongst service providers to get word out on what is available to patients and their families after a stoke. I hope this can be a venue to allow medical and rehab professionals to share and learn what others are doing. I look forward to this site growing!

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