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Appalachian Stroke Community Talk 2016

ASN Community Talk 5.9.16 ASN Community Talk


Appalachian Stroke Network 2013 Fall Conference Presentations

WVU ASN Carotid Coding Presentation WVU ASN Carotid Coding Presentation

CAMC StrokeEdu Utilizing EMR CAMC Stroke Edu Utilizing EMR

Camden Clark Appalachian Stroke Network Presentation Camden Clark ASN Talk

CHH Stroke Support Groups CHH Stroke Support Groups

Appalachian Stroke Network 2014 Fall Conference Presentations

Treatment in Large NIHSS Strokes Treatment in Large NIHSS Strokes

Driving and Community Mobility After Stroke Driving & Mobility After Stroke

Appalachian Stroke Network Teleconference Presentations

ASN Website Launch Presentation April 2013 ASN Website Launch

 Highlights from ISC 2013 Highlights from ISC 2013


Stroke Pre-Hospital Resources

International Stroke Conference Poster on Implementing the LAPSS for Appropriate Stroke Team Activations

International Stroke Conference Poster on the LAPSS

  Cincinnati Stroke Scale Cincinnati Stroke Scale

  Los Angeles Pre Hospital Stroke Screen LAPSS


Examples of Stroke Clinical Practice Guidelines

 Stroke-Ischemic CPG, WVUH   Stroke-Ischemic CPG, WVUM


Examples of Stroke Order Sets

 Stroke Order Sets (all), CAMC  CAMC

 Stroke-TIA Admission Orders, CCMC TIA, CCMC

 Routine Thrombolytic Stroke Orders, CCMC tPA, CCMC

 Treatment Algorithm for tPA for Stroke, CCMC Treatment Algorithm, CCMC

 CVA Discharge Orders, CCMC  Discharge orders, CCMC

 Stroke Order Sets (all), City Hospital City Hospital

 ED Stroke Order Set, DMH ED Orders, DMH

 Stroke Alert Protocol Orders, DMH Stroke Alert, DMH

 IschemicStroke-TIA Orders (No tPA), DMH Ischemic, DMH

 tPA Administration Orders, DMH tPA, DMH

 Ischemic Stroke Post tPA Orders, DMH tPA Post-care, DMH

 Hemorrhagic Stroke Orders, DMH Hemorrhagic, DMH

 Stroke Discharge Orders, DMH Discharge, DMH

 Ischemic Stroke Order Set, WVUH Ischemic, WVUM

 Hemorrhagic Stroke Order Set, WVUH  Hemorrhagic, WVUM


Joint Commission Stroke Resources

 Effective Communication: Aphasia Recommendations


More Information About Get With The Guidelines


tPA Resources

 Inclusion-Exclusion Criteria, WVUH tPA Pocket Card Template

 tPA Checklist, DMH 


Patient Education Resources

Community Stroke Presentation

 TIA, WVUH Patient Education Handout

 Ischemic Stroke, WVUH Patient Education Handout

 Hemorrhagic Stroke, WVUH Patient Education Handout


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